The Matrix TV Lift

The Matrix TV Lift

Made with Advanced Technology & Flexible Automation

The Matrix is a state of the art deployment system designed for your optimal viewing pleasure. By combining aluminum with steel you get a strong yet light weight machine that glides gracefully and quietly. Available with 360° Manual or Automatic Rotation and 15° Tilt

Technical Specs

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Engineered To Perfection

a Drop Down, Tilt and Rotate TV Lift

The Matrix is an evolved product like no other; with a versatile, flawless design and high tech performance. At the push of a button The Matrix can bring your TV down from its hiding place for you to view, rotate 360 degrees and/or tilt down 15 degrees to your desired viewing angle; making viewing possible from any direction for the proven best viewing experience possible. When you’re done viewing your TV, The Matrix will safely take your TV back to its stored (home) position. We have lowered TV's from 40" to 100" in size and distances ranging from 4ft to 20ft

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The Matrix TV Lift
Five Year Warranty

We are passionate about what we do, we strive to be the best by providing the best products and service.
We give the best warranty in the industry because we stand behind our products
Our products are combined with aluminium and steel for a light weight and durable system.

No Rack and Pinion Here; our products have been precision engineered since the beginning, for best quality; they glide smooth and silent

UL Recognized

The Finer Details
Inside Scope

Our Matrix operates using a Microprocessor based PLC

Using a Microprocessor based PLC allows for maximum flexibility when we program your Matrix Configuration
This allows us to program in user friendly options, such as; the ability for you the End User to choose where
the best viewing deployment length/stroke is for your room
The Finer Details
Technical Specs

360° Manual & Automatic Rotation
& 15° Tilt

Videos of The Matrix

Checkout videos of The Matrix below and see it in action!