We Are
Engineers Designers Developers Leaders Innovators

We Manufacture and Develop Automation and Motorized Technologies and Products

We Love What We Do! Who Wouldn't Love Creating and Building
Awesome Products that People Love

Why We Do What We Do

We do what we do because we are driven by a passion to solve problems and improve lives through technology
Did we mention we love what we do

Our Mission

To enhance the quality and enjoyment of peoples lives through design and technology

Our Vision

We believe in developing for a better future, to enhance the quality and enjoyment in peoples lives through design and technology.
We will continue to develop and manufacture products for homes and businesses throughout the world
focusing on solutions for everyday inconveniences and frustrations.
We plan to develop new technologies that will bring life to design and products.

Our Team

Our Team has Over 30 Years Experience developing products in the lift motorization and robotics field.
Their creations include everything from motorized blinds and paintings to flat panel TV's.