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Past Projects

Here is a list of just some of the projects we have taken on in the past with great success.
Our products have been used for Television Shows, Movies, Game shows and Theater Productions
You can get some great ideas for your own projects from our lists

Moving/Sliding Walls/Doors
Outdoor Lifts
Wall Storage
Hidden Rooms
Moving/Sliding Bookcases
Floor Storage
Countertop Storage
TV Lift Furniture
Under the Bed TV Lifts

Custom Automation

Images and Details

Motorized Sliding bookcase

This motorized sliding bookcase conveniently hides a laundry room. At the push of a button you can easily access the laundry room or hide it away from sight.

Motorized Sliding Bookcase

Motorized Floor Storage

This floor storage lift is hiding a beautiful coffee table. At the push of a button the coffee table can be hidden from sight or brought up to enjoy.

Motorized Floor Storage Lift

Countertop Storage

This countertop storage item conveniently hides away a mini bar and easily brings it up for use when entertaining guests.

Counter Storage Lift System

Motorized Wall Mount

For this project, the client wanted a motorized wall mount, it tilted left-right and up – down via remote

TV Motorized Wall Mount TV

Outdoor Custom TV Lift

This outdoor cusotm lift system was made for the outdoors. Conveiently the TV will pop up at the push of a button for you to view outside; when your done, at the push of a button the TV is lowered into a safe hiding position. Safe from rain and the outdoor elements.

 Outdoor TV Lift

Hinged Bookcase

This bookcase conveiently hides a secret room. Easily opens and closes for convenience.

Hidden Room Bookcase

Custom Automation


Past Projects

Details and Info

Hidden Room: The client required a portion of his book shelf to slide to one side (36”) revealing a door that lead into a private office. This was accomplished with an actuator, electrical safeties included a means for him to be able to activate the door from inside in case the battery on the remote died, also a mechanical release was needed in case the actuator failed while he was inside.

Lowering A Wall: The clients build a new home, open concept, the husband who entertains special guests twice a year did not want the kitchen to be visible from the dining area, the wife on the other hand wanted this style of open concept. We were able to supply a mechanical and electrical control to handle the raising and the lowering of a mirrored partition. When the wall was retracted it went up into a build out above the ceiling line, when lowered it landed on a kitchen island that separated dining room from kitchen. Safeties included a “bump” stop on the underside in the wall so it would stop if it encountered any obstacles on its way down. The wall weighed over 700 lbs.

Frankenstein Bed: A theater company putting on a performance of Frankenstein required a bed to raise and lower 40” while the Frankenstein lay on it. The bed also had to be mobile as it was being used in two separate scenes of the play. The client also requested special LED lighting to be added for effects. The safety was two remote controls but also a manual control system that would override the remote in case of any remote failures during the performance.

Large Panel: A client with a fish tank wanted it covered or hidden part of the time, a large panel 12 ft wide was raised and lowered to cover and uncover the fish tank. The panel weighed 300 lbs.

If you have a unique automation application, or if you need something completely custom, contact us; our pros are eager to work on new and unique product needs.

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